UK Champions 1982 - 1999

The first Bichon Frisé to gain the title of Champion did so in 1980 when the breed had six sets of Challenge Certificates to be awarded in that year.

We currently have 24 sets of CC`s

Since then, during the next thirty years....... 201....... dogs have gained their titles. of those 100 were dogs and 101 were bitches.

To achieve the title of Champion an exhibitor has to exhibit their dog at a championship show where CC`s are on offer. A Challenge Certificate is awarded to the best dog there and the best bitch. The judge must consider them to be of sufficient high quality to deserve the title of Champion. A reserve is also awarded to the next best should the CC winner be disqualified later for any reason.

When three CCs have been given to a dog by different judges he will be given the title of Champion by the Kennel Club.

Here in the United Kingdom it is particularly difficult to attain this award. Dogs as yet untitled have to beat the existing Champions at the show to win the CC, so although the overall numbers of Bichon Frise Champions is small compared to the rest of the World this serves only to make the title of UK Champion all the more prestigious.

The Kennel Name or *affix* is at the front of the dogs name indicating the breeder. When the kennel name appears at the end this usually indicates the dog being exhibited and owned by a different kennel.

i.e. Ch Si'bon Fatal Attraction at Pamplona was bred by Marion Binder whose Kennel name is Si'bon and owned by Michael Coad whose kennel name is Pamplona

D=dog ~ B=bitch
b.= bred by o.=owned by
These pages are a continual "work in progress" any information regarding the 3 CCs that were awarded would be appreciated . The dogs are listed in the year they gained their title but are not necessarily in order!

Ch. Glenfolly Silver Lady of Sarabande. B.. 5 CCs
b. C.Coley o. A.Worth
CC`s awarded by Lionel Hamilton Renwick at Crufts, Terry Thorn at Uk Toy &Andrew Brace at Birmingham National

Ch Gosmore Tresilva Zorba. D..4 CC
b/o. J.Ransom
CCs awarded By Lionel Hamilton Renwick at Crufts , Terry Thorn at Uk Toy & Muriel Lewin at WKC


Ch Montravia Persan Make Mine Mink 3 CCs
. D.. b. B.Perry o. P.Gibbs CCs awarded by  Wendy Streatfield at SKC,   Sally Wheeler at SKC and at UK Toy by Pauline Block

Ch. Montravia Snow Dream. B.. 8 CCs
b/o Gibbs  CCs awarded by  L. Hamilton Renwick at Birmingham Nat. , Crufts under J Ransom and  LKA under Sally Wheeler

Ch. Cluneen Jolly Jason of Hunkidori. D..4 CCs
b. E.Banks o. J.Fender  CCs awarded by Lional Hamilton -Renwick at Birmingham Nat , Crufts by J. Ransom and LKA under Bryan Mitchel


Ch Persan Top Button. B..3 CCs
b/o. B.Perry . CCs awarded by Sally Wheeler at SKC in 81, East of England by M. Gibbs and Jackie Ransom at WKC

Ch Efaldees Angelic Faith. B.. 3 CCs
b/o J.Buxton ( now Sims) CCs awarded by  Judy De Casembroot at BFCGB, Birmingham Nat , Terry Thorn and Driffield by Catherine Sutton

Ch Leijazulip Jazz of Zudiki. D..7 CCs
b. V.Goold o. J.Brown (now Emmerson)
CC`s awarded by F. Hamilton (now Somerfield) at BFCGB, Birmingham City Andrew Brace and Jackie Ransom at WKC


Ch Leijazulip Kipling of Shamaney. D. 7 CCs.
b. V.Goold o. M.Flintoft-Black
CCs awarded by Andrew Brace at Birmingham National, Marita Gibbs ( now Rodgers) & Jayne Broadhurst

Ch Snarsnoz Dancing Rhythm at Melsel. B.3 CCs.
b. R.Seaman o. C.Belcher & R.Blackwell CCs awarded by Sally Wheeler at BFCGB, David Stroud at Birm. Nat and Dorothy Garlick at Crufts

Ch Snarsnoz Show Quest at Melsel. D..9 CCs
b. R.Seaman o. C.Belcher & R.Blackwell.. CCs awarded by Pauline Block at SKC,Birmingham City under Jackie Ransom and LKA under Joyce Fagin

Ch Rossage Royal Snow Queen at Maybeth. B .6 CCs
.b/o. B.Satchell CCs awarded by Pauline Block at SKC in 82, Bath under Ben Raven and  Birmingham City under Jackie Ransom

Ch Kynismar Blackeyed Susie. B..4 CCs
b/o. M.Atkins  CCs awarded by Andrew Brace at Birm. City in 82, East of Eng under Graham Newell and  Michael Quinney at WKC


Ch Sulyka Snoopy. D..6 CCs
b/o. S & R.Dunger  CCs awarded by Vera Goold at Bath, Crufts under Catherine Sutton and  WKC under Pauline Gibbs

Ch Caywood Little Jack Horner. D..3 CCs
b/o. M.Armstrong CCs were awarded by Ron Clay at Birmingham National ,Graham Newell at SKC and Yve Bentinck at Windsor.

Ch. Leander The Sundancer. B..5 CCs
b/o..Wheeler & W.Streatfield. Her CCs were awarded by Percy Whitaker at Birm. City, ,Madeline Harper at East Of England and by Graham Newell at SKC

Ch Si'bon Jasmyn. B..6 CCs
b/o. M.Binder..CCs awarded at Drffield by Bernice Perry,Midland Counties under Jayne Broadhurst and WELKS under Muriel Lewin

Ch Jacqueline of Leijazulip at Tresilva. B..3 CCs
b. Bendall o. J.Ransom CCs awarded by Vera Goold at Bath, Birm Nat. under Ron Clay and at Windsor under Yve Bentinck

Ch Tiopepi Mad Louie at Pamplona D 26 CCs
.. b. C.Coxall o. M.Coad  Cronwng three CCs from Harry Jordan at Bath, Jack Mitchell at Birmingham City and at LKA under Madeline Harper.

Ch Hunkidori Personality Miss. B..4 CCs
b/o. J.Fender  CCs  from Marion Binder at BFCGB, Crufts under Bryan Mitchell and UK Toy under Ellis Hulme

Ch Pengorse Felicity of Tresilva. B..3 CCs
b. Bendall o. J.Ransom  CCs awrded by Muriel Lewin at EOf Eng. Mid Counties by Johnny Walkden and Vera Goold at WKC.


Ch Kynismar Blackeyed Boogaloo. D 10 CCs
.. b/o. M.Atkins CCs awarded by Terry Thorn at Bath ,Birm. City from Ellis Hulme and at N&M BFC under Pamela Cross Stern.

Ch Rossage Silver Locket. B..3 CCs
b/o. B.Satchell CCs awrded by Jackie Ransom at Driffield `85, Ellis Hulme at Birm . City and SKC under Carol Alcock

Ch Bumbleridges Overture of Rossage. B 3 CCs.
. b. Nichol o. B.Satchell  CCs awarded by Grahame Newell at Crufts, Driffield by Dorothy Garlick and UK Toy by Marjorie Ransom

Ch Simway Shantung. B..5 CCs
b/o. P & I.Farmer...(25) Bath under Terry Thorn ,Bob Flavell at Birm Nat. and E od Eng under Ron Clay

Ch Melsel Cracklin Rosie. B..21 CCs
b/o. C.Belcher & R.Blackwell Rosies first 3 CCs came from Birm. Nat in 85 under Joe Braddon, SKC under Freda MCGreggor and S. Wales under Peter Gibbs


Ch Emmril Snow Pipit. D 3 CCs
..b. M.Huxham o. H & J.Frith  CCs were awarded by  Muriel Lewin in 85 at East of Eng.

Ch Bobander Toot The Flute. B. 4 CCs
.b/o C.Wyatt
CCs awarded by Jackie Ransom at SKC, Muriel Lewin at Three Counties and Ellis Hulme at SKC August, then Sally Wheeler at Bournemouth  and SKC under Ellis Hulme

Ch Roushkas Song and Dance. B..6 CCs
b. D.Thomas o. S.Thompson  CCs awarded by Pauline Block at LKA,Bournemouth Sally Wheeler and Liz Fellows at East of Eng.

Ch Edleweiss Ebony Eyes. D..3 CCs
b. M.Beeston o. E.Beeston  CCs awarded by Vera Goold at WKC, UK toy Marjorie Ransom and at SKC under Jackie Ransom

 Ch Roushka`s Dancemaster . 3CCs
b /o Den Thomas CCs awarded by Joe Braddon at Birm Nat in 85, Richmond by Margaret Flintoff and at SKC by Liz Fellows.


Ch Si'bon Sloane Ranger of Pamplona. D..
b M.Binder o. M.Coad

Ch Kynismar Boogies Boy. D..
b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Kynismar Heavens Sent to Roushka. B
.. b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Ligray Mr Beau Geste. D..
b. L.Fellows & J.Lloyd o. L.Fellows

Ch Ligray Smartie Pants of Ricanna. D..
b. L.Jones o. A.Stafferton

Ch Melsel Kiss Me Kate. B..
b. C.Belcher & R.Blackwell o. Maj & L.Gisborne

Ch Roushka's Dancemaster. D..
b/o. D.Thomas


Ch Kynismar Billy The Kid. D ..
b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Rossage Silver Ghost. D..
b/o. B.Satchell

Ch Sulyka Puzzle. D..
b/o. S & R.Dunger

Ch Orpheus Orion of Atroya. D..
b. S.Bignall o. A & H.Banfield

Ch Rusmar Xmas Magic. D..
b/o. D.Russell

Ch Si'bon Fatal Attraction at Pamplona. B.
. b. M.Binder o. M.Coad


Ch Ligray Diamond Lil. B..
b. L.Fellows o. D.Diamond

Ch Leander Snow Cat. B..
b/o. S.Wheeler & W.Streatfield

Ch Pamplona Chances Are. D..
b. M.Coad o. Molly Harris

Ch Stevo's Stand and Deliver. D..
b/o. S.Thompson

Ch Melsel Mystic Moses of Lynelba. D..
b. C.Belcher. & R.Blackwell o. Maj & L.Gisborne

Ch Kynismar Blackeyed Mr Magoo. D
... b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Atroya Punchinello of Languilla. D..


Ch Vythea Jumpin' Jack Flash. D..
b/o. A.Pleasants (now Marsh)

Ch Avana Madam I'm Adam. D..
b/o. J.Smith

Ch Ligray Desperate to Be Dan. D..
b. L.Fellows o. M & M.Lewis

Ch Tresilva Toby of Suanalu. D..
b. J.Ransom o J.Gadd-Davis

Ch Teracita Bossa Nova Baby. B..
b/o. C.Kaye

Ch Harene Beatrice Anne at Pamplona. B..
b. B.Ellis o. M.Coad


Ch Sargetta Davilliam of Bylena. D..
b. K.Page o. L.Martindale

Ch Alareen Precious Sundancer. D..
b/o. A & M.Miles

Ch Bobander Magic In The Air. D..
b/o. C.Wyatt
CCs awarded by Micheal Coad SKC (May) ,E. Kelman Jack at 3 counties and Geoff Corish at Birmingham City

Ch Rusmar Magic Minstrel. D..
b/o. D.Russell

Ch Honeylyn Timmy Tiptoes to Sulyka. D..
b. B.Ellis o. S & R.Dunger

Ch Kynismar Heaven Forbid. D..
b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Kynismar Cherished Heaven. B..
b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Kennichen Sweet Lucinda. B..
b/o. D.Cleave

Ch Snow White Pipah at Vythea. B..
b. J.Blake o. A.Pleasants (now Marsh)

Ch Tresilva Minuette of Honeylyn. B..
b. J.Ransom o. J.Gadd-Davis

Ch Lynelba Kiss Me Freely. B..
b/o. Maj B & Mrs.L.Gisborne

Ch Ethlynn Unforgettable. B.. 4 ccs
b/o. L.Robinson (now Robinson-Byrne)  CCs awarded by B Flavell at SKC, Liz Fellows at Leicester and Midland Counties by Bob Brampton


Ch Rusmar Magic Rainbow. D..
b/o. D.Russell

Ch Pamplona Latest Attraction. D..
b/o. M.Coad

Ch Vythea Jack's The Lad at Melsel. D..
b. A.Pleasants o. C.Belcher & R.Blackwell

Ch Clanmarret Gemini Moon. B..
b/o. T & M.Holgate

Ch Louisianna Highland Fling. B
...b/o. L.Stafford

Ch Tresilva Little Madam at Suanalu. B.
. b. J.Ransom o. J.Gadd-Davis....(75)


Ch Bobander What Ho Bertie. D..
b/o. C.Wyatt
CCs awarded by Brenda Ellis at Southern Counties 94
Linda Gisborne at NMBFC in Oct 94
East of England P. Holbrook-o`Hara

Ch Bobander Spring In The Air. B..
b/o. C.Wyatt
CCs awarded byRichard Blackwell at Southern Counties 94
Jean Lanning at SKC Aug 04
Brenda Dickinson at Leeds Aug 94

Ch Tresilva Snowdon at Suanalu. D..
b. J.Ransom o. J.Gadd-Davis

Ch Fougere Winging Willie. D..
b/o. H.Stapely

Ch Pomlyn Fancy Man at Colynthia. D..
b. L.Webster o. C & C.Caspell

Ch Hylacer Northern Topic. D..
b/o. B.Dickinson

Ch Warmingham Hobsons Choice. D..
b/o. A & L.Lee

Ch Spelga Sweet Heaven. B..
b. P.Keery o. M.Renahan

Ch Penwyvern Silk Collection. B..
b/o. M & M.Cole

Ch Honeylyn Step In Style to Sulyka. B..
b. B.Ellis & C.Sayles o. S.Dunger

Ch Rusmar Magic Flame. B..
b/o. D.Russell

Ch Mahendi Miss Bliss. B..
b/o. M.Hoad

Ch Ethlynn Vanessa B.. 3 ccs
b. L.Robinson (now Robinson-Byrne) o .L.Clarke CCs awarded by Rick Beauchamp USA at Leeds in 92, Stuart Mallard at Leeds in 93 and By Andrew Brace at Crufts 94


Ch Kynismar Feels Like Heaven. D..
b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Fougere Baggy Britches. D..
b/o H.Stapely
CC`s awarded by Chris Wyatt at LKA

Ch Rusmar Divine Rainbow. D..
b. I.Watts o. D.Russell

Ch Ridgegrove White Idol. D..
b. Y.Angear o. J.Wilson

Ch Fionavar Billy Whizzes about Asilene. D..
b. M & J.Reynolds o. E.Beeston

Ch Hicker Luke Who's Here. D..
b/o. S & M.Hicks

Ch Hunkidori Miss Serendipity of Alareen. B..
b. J.Fender o. M & A.Miles

Ch Frendors Gorgeous Gabby. B..
b/o. D.Harvey

Ch My Leading Lady at Riordan. B..
b. A.Stafferton o. N.Skeet

Ch Bylena Me and My Girl. B..
b. L.Martindale o. M.Moss.

Ch Strydonia Precious Angel. B..
b/o. D.Story

Ch Tamalva Keep The Faith for Mistama. B..
b. V.Cumpstey o. T.Dawson .....(100)

Ch Warmingham Crack Of Dawn. B..
b/o. A & L.Lee
CC`s awarded by Chris Wyatt at LKA


Ch Appleacres Any Dream Will Do. D..
b/o. P.Holbrook O'Hara

Ch Bobander Secret In The Air. B..
b/o. C.Wyatt
CCs awarded by Muriel Lewin at 3 counties,Richard Blackwell at SKC & Sue Dunger at WKC

Ch Lynelba Per Se. D..
b/o. Maj & L.Gisborne

Ch Shoolters What's 'is Name. D..
b/o. B.Kelman-Jack

Ch Warmingham Scarlett O'Hara. B..
b/o. A & L.Lee

Ch Atroya Christmas Gift of Colynthia. D..
b. H.Banfield o. C & C.Caspell

Ch Spelga Solitaire. D..
b/o P & G.Keery

Ch Penwyvern White Diamond. D..
b/o. Mr & Mrs Cole


Ch Warmingham Reflections. B..
b/o. A & L.Lee

Ch Warmingham Ruby Rainbow of Rusmar. B..
b. A & L.Lee o. D.Russell

Ch Fionavar Miss Kitty. B..
b/o. M & J.Reynolds

Ch Dobrough Zig. D..
b/o. T.Burgess

Ch Frendors Spitting Image. D..
b/o. D.Harvey

Ch Riordan The Beach Boy at Canengis. D..
b. N.Skeet o. M.Harris

Ch Ronamars Freddy Farns Barns. D..
b/o. J & J.Youe

Ch Akwasulis Chuckles Charlie. D..
b. S.Thomas o. L.Baxter

Ch Sulyka Happy Hurbert. D..
b/o. S.Dunger

Ch Ethlynn Queen Bee. B.. 3 CCs
o/b. L.Robinson (now Robinson-Byrne) crowning CCs awarded by Dr M. Boggia Black at WELKS 96, At MEC Bichon fries Club by Dorothy Dearn in `96 and By Linda Gisborne at Leeds


Ch & Austr. Ch Charnel Born To Be Wild about Roxara. D.
. b. S.Adam o. A.Halliwell

Ch Roxara He Drives You Wild. D
.b/o. A.Halliwell.

Ch Clanmarret Out in Style. D..
b. M & T.Holgate o. M.Coad

Ch Languilla Ocean Wave. D..
b/o. L.McCleod

Ch Sulyka Hot N Spicy. D..
b/o. S.Dunger

Ch Asilene The Whizz Kid. B..
b/o. E.Beeston..(125)

Ch Tresilva Bright Spark at Suanalu. B..
b. J.Ransom o. J.Gadd-Davis

Ch Tamalva Runnin' On Faith. B..
b/o. T.Dawson

Ch Honeylyn Oo La La. B..
b/o. B.Ellis & C.Sayles


Ch Fernview White Saphire. B..
b/o. J.Wilson

Ch Rusmar Magic Jewel Of Chaznas. B..
b. D.Russell o. L.Davies, J.Edgehill & D.Russell

Ch Thistlebeck This'll Do Nicely for Kynismar. B..
b. M.Dobson o. M.Atkins
b H.Banfield o. L.McCleod .....(50)