UK Champions 2000 to 2016

this list is still an extensive work in progress....and your co-operation would be appreciated in filling in the gaps...thank you


Ch Bobander Secret Agent. D..
b/o. C.Wyatt
CC`s awarded by Carl Sparrow at LKA, Sid Hicks at UK Toy and Ann Lee at Birmingham Nat.

Ch Mamose Devil In Disguise. D..
b/o. M.Moss

Ch Kynismar Chance Of Heaven. D..
b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Clanmarret Sassy Miss. B..
b/o. M & T.Holgate

Ch Jonaren Becky Blue. B..
b/o. R & J.Warren

Ch Tamalva The Wild Child. B..
b/o. V.Cumpstey


Ch Manoir Topper &Tails for Pericraig. D.
. b. P.Johns o. C.Whitham

CC`s awarded by Chris Wyatt  at Windsor , Terry Burgess at SKC

Ch Clanmarret Uncle Fester. D..
b/o. T & M.Holgate

Ch Sulyka Black Pepper. B..
b/o. S.Dunger

Ch Mahendi Miss Ariana. B..
b/o. M. Hoad

Ch Clanmarret Up In Lights. B..
b/o. T & M.Holgate

Ch Asilene Paperback Heroine. B..
b/o. E.Beeston

Ch Manoirs Celebration. B..
b/o. P.Johns

Ch Roxara He Drives You Crazy. D
.. b/o. D.Halliwell

Ch Bylena Tinsletown. B..
b/o. L.Martindale


Ch Vythea Spoilt For Choice. D.
. b/o. A.Marsh

Ch Dreamweaver of Sulyka. B..
b. S.Thomas o. S.Dunger

Ch Kynismar Taste of Heaven. D..
b/o. M.Atkins

Ch Mahendi Miss Ariana. B..
b/o. M.Hoad ...(150)

Ch Carregis Born To Perform at Bobander. D..
b. Bowman & Bowman o. C.Wyatt.
CCs awarded by Andrew Brace at S.Wales
Marita Rodgers at East Of E.
Eilish Banks at WKC

Ch Clanmarret Velvet Kiss at Montravia. B..
b. M.Holgate. o. M.Rodgers

Ch Warmingham Jaunty Plume. D..
b. A.Lee o. O.Noonan & Mrs.M.Renahan

Ch Warmingham Secret Love. D..
b/o by Ann Lee


Ch & Int/fin/s/dk Ch Jitterbop After Me Please. D..
b/o. J.Kauppinen

Ch Clanmarret Willow. B..
b/o. M & T.Holgate

Ch Bobander Secret Passion. B..
b/o. C.Wyatt
CCs awarded by Maureen Reynolds at Paignton,
Gordon Ellis at N&MBFC
Marilyn Holgate at Birmingh Nat.

Ch Manoirs Miami Vice at Alancie. D..
b. P.Johns o. Mr. & Mrs.C.Stanley

Ch Warmingham Dressed To Kill. B..
b/o Mrs.A.Lee

Ch Carregis About to Dazzle. B..
b/o.Carol & Caroline Bowman

Ch Manoirs Chatanooga. B.
. b/o. P.Johns
CCs awarded by Marita rodgers at East Of Eng,

Ch Manoirs Seven Diamonds at Roxara. B..
b/o. P.Johns

Ch Rusmar Magic Shadow. D..
o/b. D.Russell

Ch Recherche Simply Heaven. B..
o/b. Mr & Mrs.J.Gray

Ch Carregis Cause For Applause at Tamalva. B..
b. Carol Bowman & Caroline Bowman o. Tamara Dawson

Ch Sulyka Peri of Fionavar B
b.S Dunger o.M Reynolds


Ch & Am Ch Paray`s I Told You So D.
b. Flores & Pitman. Owned by Coad, Sewell & Kornfeld
CCs awarded by Wendy Streatfield at N&MbFC.

Ch Rusmar Glittering Shadow.
o/b Dawn Russell


Ch Mahendi Breezin the Shadows B.
o/b Margaret Hoad

Ch Colynthia Moonlight Dream at Arjanan B
o Ann Toogood, b.Colin & Cynthia Caspall.

Ch Bobander What a Performance JW. D
o/b Chris Wyatt
CCs awarded by Wendy Hutchison (Aus.)at Windsor
Frank Sabella (USA) BFCGB and Zena Thorn Andrews at Paignton

Ch Pamplona Its All About Me. B
0 Glynn Corish Bred by Michael Coad

Ch Lynelba Kiss Me Peacefully. D
o/b Linda Gisborne

Ch Warmingham Dressed to Thrill at Ashoka B.
0wned Dave & Sue Walklate . Bred by Ann Lee


Ch Petit Ami`s Va-va -Voom to Tamalva (imp)B.
b. Wivi.Ann.Olsen o. Val.Cumpstey & Tamara.Dawson

Ch Hylacer Light My Fire at Marinik B
b.Brenda &Les Dickinson owned By Sue Davison

Ch Hylacer Firefly B
b/owned by Brenda & Les Dickinson

Ch Warmingham Ret Butler D.
bred by A.Lee owned by Ashling Connelly


Ch&Am.Ch Parays Powerplay D.
bred by Flores & Pitman owned by Michael Coad

Ch Hylacer Class Act D
o/b Brenda & Les Dickinson


Ch Manoir`s Shot In The Dark JW D
bred/owned Pauline Johns
CC`s awarded by Ann Worth at Darlington, Chris Wyatt at UK Toy & Alan Miles at WELKS

Ch Ashmair It Had To Be You (ikc) B
bred by A Connolly/owned by H Johnson

Ch Rusmar Evening In Paris B
bred/owned by Dawn Russell
ccs awarded by Chris Wyatt at UK Toy in April
Southern Counties by Steven Bardwell in June
then at Border Union in June by Des Jenkins

Ch Efaldees Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo JW B.
bred/owned by Jill Sims
CCs awarded by Ann Worth at Darlington in Sept 07,
Ann Horan at South Wales in July

Ch Thistlebeck Thislbe a wizkid D
b/o M Dobson
CCs awarded at SKC by Jimmy Simpson


Ch Pamplona Midnight Cowboy
b/M.Coad O/ Geoff c
Corish & Sara & Gavin Robertson

Ch Pamplona Could It Be Magic
o/b Michael Coad

Ch/Ir Ch The Butler Did It
o/b Ashling Connelly
Ccs awarded by Tom Mather at EofE. Crufts by Claire Coxall

Ch Warmingham Uptown Girl
b/L Lee o/Mary Hicks & Lawrence Lee

Ch Pamplona Bring Me Sunshine D
o/b Mike Coad

Ch Manoirs Platinum Blonde
O/b by Pauline Johns
CC`s awarded by Maureen Miles at Windsor

Ch Praymar Starshine
O/b by Mary & Tony Hicks

Ch Bobander What a Fiasco
o/b Chris Wyatt
CCs awarded by Val Cumpstey at LKA, Jill Sims at LKA and Jane Lilley at Paignton


Ch Efaldees Bizzy Lizzy
b.Jill Sims oCheryl Robinson
CCs awarded by Mike Beater at SBFBA, Geoffry Davis at Paignton and Ellis Hulme at WKC


Ch Rusmar Kisses For Grace B
o/b Dawn Russell
CCs awarded by Lesley McCleod at WELKS, 3 Counties from A.Oliver and Liz Stannard at Blackpool

Ch Vanitonia Takin` Back My Love at Louisianna JW B
b Lee Cox o L.Stafford
CCs awarded By Val Cumpstey at Birmingham Nat (10),Carl Sparrow at Manchester and Belfast under Terry Burgess

Ch Louisianna Will I Am D
o/b L. Stafford
CCs awarded By Andrew Brace at Darlington, Dominic Browne at SKC (aug) and Terry Burgess in Belfast

Ch Bobander What a To Do B
o/b Chris Wyatt
CCs awarded by Dawn Russell at Darlington (10), Frank Kane at UK Toy and Terry Nethercott at Birmingham

Ch Pamplona Just Follow Me B
o/b Mike Coad
CCs awarded By Carl Sparrow at Manchester ,R Vourinen at S. Counties and Peter Jolley at Leeds

Ch Ashmair she`s All that at Mamose B
b/A.Connelly o M. Moss
CCs awarded at S.Wales by Sheila Sadler, Dominic Browne at SKC and Blackpool under Eleanor Bothwell

Ch Manoirs Am I Bovvered B
o/b Pauline Johns
CCs awarded By M. Black at BFCGB (`10)Border Union under Irene McManus and SBFBA from Anthea Marsh

Ch Arthlorns Ready To Rumble D
o/b Trudy & Nigel Blythen
CCs awarded by Geoff Corish at LKA (`10) Birmingham Nat under Terry Nethercott & Leeds under Peter Jolley


Ch Chasnaz A Touch of Frost at Pamplona D
b.Leah Davis o. Mike Coad
CCs awarded by Richard Haynes at SKC, at Paignton by P. Johns and at UK toy from Hilary Stapely

Ch Fiyero Dancing Diva at Chazbam B
b/Barbara Hart o/ Viv & Charlie Barber
CC`s awarded by Chris Wyatt at WELKS , Maureen Miles at SKC ( May) and Val Cumpstey at S. Counties.

Ch Pamplona Brings It On D
b/o Mike Coad
CCs awarded By Val Cumpstey at S. Counties, Border Union under Sheila Sadler and Espen Eng at Blackpool

Ch Arthlorn Lets Go Girls To Ashoka B
b/Trudy Blythen o/Sue & Dave Walklate
CCs awarded by

Ch Asmair Brings It On at Mamose B
bred by Ashling Connelly o/Margaret Moss
CCs awarded by

Ch Bobander Surprise Surprise D

bred/o Chris Wyatt

CCs awarded by Margaret Black, Des Jenkins & Lisa Welsh


Ch Manoirs Cutting Edge D
bred/o by P Johns
CCs awarded by D Russell T Burgess

Ch Rusmar Whatever It Takes D

b/o by Dawn Russell

CCs awarded by P. Johns, L McCleod & D. Walklate

Ch "Josh"...details


Ch &Multi Ch Pamplona Just Magic. D

bred by M Coad owned by Coad, Belstad &Havelin.

CCs awarded by S Thompson, J. Lanning & C Roe

Ch Bobander Too Kool For Skool JW D

b/o Chris Wyatt

CCs awarded by Sue Dunger , Caroline Lee-Slater &

Lisa Mault

Ch Louisianna Gift Of The Gab JW B

o/b L Stafford Roberts

CCs awarded by, R Parry, Caroline Lee-Slater & Lisa Mault

Ch & Ir Ch Ashmair Sunshine All The Way B

o/b A. Connelly

CCs awarded by Lee Cox, Tamara Norman &


Ch Brokengate Keepsake B. b/o Helen Anderson

CCs awarded By Zena Thorn Andrews, Val Cumpstey ( Tamalva) & P. Johns (Manoir)

Ch Regina Bichon She Will Be Loved Jch Es B. Bred by R. Belstad owned by M Coad

CCs from G. Corish (Sealaw) D,. Russell ( Rusmar) & M Miles ( Alareen)

Ch Louisianna Troublemaker D. B/o Louise Stafford Roberts.

CCs awarded by Ann Worth ( Sarabande) P Johns ( Manoir) & Jill Sims (Efaldees)

Ch Avenir Above And Beyond D. B/C Sayles. o. B. Bradley

CCs from M. Miles ( Alareen),A Miles (Alareen) Dave Walklate ( Ashoka)

Ch Fribonch Mademoiselle B b/o D.Loye &D Taylor.

CCs awarded by Hans Van Der Berg ,Myra Atkins (Kynismar) and Merv Evans

Ch Delbrupar Witches Spell B

B D Parkinson o/ David o`Brian &G Clark

ccs awarded by Michael Coad N&Mid BF Club, Liz Cartledge Darlington and R. Samson Belfast


this list is still an extensive work in progress....and your co-operation would be appreciated in filling in the gaps...thank you

Ch Suantity Mystic Mercury at Cydmar B

o/J Mackie 

CCs awarded by Andreas Schemel, Mike Beater & Caroline Roe

Ch Quissmar Lightning Mix B
B by Ally Marquiss o/h by Helen Pugh. ccs awarded by Dave Walklate at Blackpool 15, Chris Wyatt at Crufts and Lesley MaCleod at UK Toy

Ch Languilla Cleare De Luna B
B/O Lesley McCleod & Kier Oak CCs awarded by

Ch  Hydepark JP Smiling Face B
B S.Lida/O Corish & Coad CCs awarded by Tom Mather at N&MBFC, LKA by Alan Bendelow

Ch Quissmar Pure Lightning D
O/B A. Marquiss CCs awarded by Myra Atkins at SBFBA, Dominic Browne at East Of Eng and Stuart Mallard at Paignton

Ch Pamplona Follow Your Heart D
O Coad & Dunger B. M Coad CCs awarded by Lee Cox SBFBA 2015, Stephen Thompson SBFBA 2016 and WKC Anne Worth.


 Ch Pamplona The Real McCoy D

 B by M Coad owned by Coad and R Smith 

Ch Pamplona Bring Me Sunshine ex Pamplona Elsa

CCs Awarded by Tom Isherwood at Birm Nat.  Jean Lanning at South Cos. and SKC Zena Thorn Andrews

Ch Bobander Too Kool To Care B

bred and owned by Chris Wyatt

Ch Bobander Too Kool For Skool jw ex Bobander Love Me Or Leave Me

CCs awarded by Geoffrey Davies at Bournemouth, Terry Holgate at Leeds and Tamara Wallbridge at WKC