Our Champion Boys 

Champion Bobander Too Kool For Skool JW

"Fonzie" born 18/10/12

Ch. Pamplona Bring Me Sunshine ex Ch Bobander What A To Do

Fonzies year as a puppy was an amazing experience...in puppy dog he remained unbeaten and won Best puppy in breed on all but one occasion making him Joint top Puppy in the toy group for 2013!. He won his first CC as a puppy  and BIS at the SBFBA Ch Show and remained unbeaten in Junior too. He up with the big boys now but is still a very young dog with lots more to come we are sure!

Ist CC & BOB SBFBA  judge Sue Dunger (Sulyka)

2nd CC & BOB Southern Counties judge Caroline Lee-Slater (Graycaz)

3rd CC & BOB Blackpool judge Lisa Mault (Limarteen)

4th CC & BOB Leeds judge Mike Beater (Starforth)

5th CC & BOB Bournemouth judge Val Cumpstey (Tamalva)

6th CC & BIS N&Mid BF club Mike Coad ( Pamplona)

7th CC& BOB LKA judge Maureen Reynolds ( Fionavar)

8th CC & BOB CRUFTS! judge Dawn Russell ( Rusmar)

9th CC three Cos. Judge Geoffrey Davies

10th CC &BOB Border Union Judge John Hutchison Austr.

11th CC & BOB Windsor, judge Liz Stannard

12th CC Blackpool, judge Mr J Kares

13th CC Leeds judge Stephen Bardwell.

14th CC&BOB Bournemouth judge Des Jenkins

15th CC&BOB Darlington judge Liz Cartledge

16th CC &RBIS Northern & Mid BF show judge Tom Mather

17th CC & BIS Bichon F.Club of GB judge Geoff Corish

18th CC & BOB UKToy 2016 judge Lesley McCleod( Languilla)

19th CC Three Counties judge Jane Lilley

20th CC&BOB Leeds judge Julie Sparrow...this was our 100th CC

21st CC  Bournemouth ..judge Caroline Roe

22nd CCCC BFC of GB under Mervyn Evans

23rdd CC at  South Wales under Louise Stafford (Louisianna)

a4thNorthern & Midland BFC judge Carol Sayles (Avenir)

245hh CC & BOB atWindsor under Richard Haynes

26th CC & BOB BIS at SBFBA under David Walklate (Ashoka)

27th CC  & BOB at East of Eng under Grace Godwin

28th CC at Leeds under Terry Holgate (Clanmarret)...winning the double with Jessica who took BOB!

29thCC &BOB at Darlington under Frank Kane where again with Jessica we took the double!

Fonzie is now retired from the Breed ring until hopefully he can return as a veteran.........

Champion Bobander Surprise Surprise

"Floyd" b: 4-11-08
Fiyero Hillbilly Rock at Bobander ex Bobander La Fille De L`Air

They say if you want to get ahead...get "a Head". We didn`t have to go far to produce yet another beautiful head and Floyd is fast becoming much appreciated because of his stunning good looks and overall soundness. He is not just a pretty face and has won consistantly as a puppy He won Top Puppy in Breed for 2009 and was awarded the coveted Alker Trophy by the BFCGB.

At Paignton he won the Pup of the Year stakes under Martin Freeman ! He has won 2 RCC`s while still very young and won the large Junior class at Crufts.
He remained unbeaten while in Junior dog.

He achieved his first CC awarded to him with BIS by Margaret Black at the BFCGB Champ show in November. He also has a total of 10 RCCs too! Competition had been fierce and that all important 2nd CC eluded us until this year at the SBFBA.....Des Jenkins awarded him the DCC & BIS....we were over the moon.

Just a couple of weeks later Specialist Lisa Welsh gave him that all important 3rd CC & BOB at WKC. At last little Floyd was a champion !!!
At the GB Club ....Ferelith Summerfield was judging Bichons for what would be her last breed appointment. Imagine our pride that she should choose Floyd for the CC....what a wonderful day.

Fiyero Hillbilly Rock at Bobander


"Rocky" b:2/1/07
Am Ch Risgaes Wild Bill ex Bobander Secret Ruby at Fiyero

Rocky is also featured on our home page. We are especially pleased with this boy who we were so lucky to aquire from Barbara Hart. Barbara took the opportunity to mate her Bobander Secret Ruby to Am Ch Risgaes Wild Bill while he was was over here with Pauline Johns. of 06 . This proved to be a master stroke because although Rocky had a highly successful show career winning a total of 10 RCC`s . Although his crown eluded him it has been as a sire he has excelled himself producing 2 champions for us. Rocky was Top Bichon Stud dog for 2009 *Our Dogs * competiton.

Ch Bobander What A Performance


"Vinnie" b:24/6/03--8/01/15
Ch Carregis Born To Perform at Bobander ex Bobander Dancing In The Air


This is one of my favourite Photos of Vinnie showing his beautiful compact outline and superb balance. He was  our most highly decorated dog to date with 15 CCs and our only Group winning Dog with two group wins to his credit !!
Vinnie after his group win at Bournemouth
2 BIS . 15CCs .7 with BOB.15 RCCs 3 BPIB.2 BPIS
1st CC & BOB Wendy Hutchison (Australia) at Windsor Ch show 04
2nd CC Frank Sabella ( USA) at B.F.C.G.B. specialty show 04
BOB at Bath Ch Show under Angela Corish and GROUP 1 under Alan Bendelow
The crowning 3rd CC came at Paignton under Zena Thorn Andrews with a GROUP 2 under Jack Mitchell
4th CC was at Bournemouth under specialist Wendy Streatfield with another GROUP 1 from Brenda Banbury
5th CC under Marilyn Holgate at SKC in August
6th CC &BOB under Maureen Reynolds at UK TOY in March `06
7th CC &BOB under Jimmy Simpson at Three Counties Ch Show in June `06
8th CC & BOB under the Crufts BIS judge Brenda Banbury in June `06 at Windsor Championship show
9th CC at Bournemouth Championship show under Tom Mather
10th under Betty Flavell...a Toy Specialist judge at Darlington in September
11th CC& RBIS at N&M BF Club show under specialist judge Betty Kelman-Jack
12th CC& RBIS at BFCGB ch. Show under breed specialist judge Eileen Beeston
13th CC in the new year under first time all-rounder judge Irene MacManus at UK Toy
14th CC was awarded by Maureen Miles at Birmingham National Show in May
His 15th CC came from a third successful Windsor for Vinnie where his career started with a bang in 04. This time the judge was the internationally famous Ferelith Somerfield who is also Patron of the Bichon Frise parent club

Ch Carregis Born To Perform At Bobander


"Dylan" B. 23rd June 2001

Dylan was aquired from Carol Bowman and her daughter Caroline after a very successful mating of her bitch to Ch Bobander What Ho Bertie .

I had always admired many things about the Kynismar ancestors that appear in her pedigree and here I feel we achieved a good combination of the two lines. The judges agreed with us and Dylan became the youngest Breed champion ever in the UK.. His first CC was at South Wales, and his second at East of England with Best Of Breed and Group 4.

He was only thirteen and half months when breed specialist Eilish Banks gave him his third Challenge Certificate again with best of Breed at Welsh Kennel Club. It took just 6 weeks!

Dylan has been a most successful stud dog...producing our own Ch Bobander What a Performance.

1st CC Andrew Brace (South.Wales 02)
2nd CC & BOB G4 Marita Rodgers (East of England 02)
3rd CC & BOB: Eilish Banks (WKC 02)
4th CC & BOB: Sue Dunger (UKToy03)
5th CC & BOB: Marilyn Holgate (Birm Nat.03)
6th CC & BOB: Richard Hayes (Blackpool.03)
7th CC&BOB: Michael Coad ( South Wales 03)
8th CC& BOB Jimmy Simpson ( East of England 03)
9th CC & BOB Ann Lee (Ladies Kennel Association 03)
10th CC & BOB Geoff Corish ( Three Counties 04)


Ch Bobander Secret Agent


"Dandy" 17-8-97
Ch Sulyka Happy Hurbert ex Ch Bobander Secret In The Air

Dandy quickly established himself as a winner, virtually unbeaten as a puppy he won his first CC as a comparatively young dog in `99, His second CC came in December, the last one to be awarded in the millennium.!!

Dandy got his third and crowning CC at Birmingham National Ch Show under breed specialist judge the late Ann Lee ( Warmingham) The first Bichon Champion this Millennium!!

1st CC Sid Hicks (UKToy99)
2nd CC Carl Sparrow(LKA99)
3rd CC & BOB Ann Lee (Birm.nat00)


Ch Bobander What Ho Bertie


"Bertie" 5-8-92
Ch Bobander Magic In The Air ex Calypso Crazy At Bobander

Bertie was the first Champion from Michael and Cally. Cally was produced from a mating between our Kynismar Sweet Talking Guy and (Twinley bred ) Pantomime Princess bitch whose beautiful head and superb balance had impressed me so much when I first saw her. Cally herself achieved a CC and several reserves but her talent was in the breeding pen and two more champions from this mating soon followed.

Bertie was extremely successful in the ring and broke new ground being the first Bichon ever to qualify as a finalist for the PRO PLAN Pup of the YEAR stakes at Paginton.

He gained a total of 9 CC`s and 14 reserves during his super career and by producing some particularly lovely bitches for us, has been a most valuable dog for us.

1st CC & BOB Brenda Ellis Southern Counties `94
2nd CC & BOB Paddy Holbrook O'Hara East of Eng `94
3rd CC & BIS Linda Gisborne N&M.B.F.C. `94
CC & BOB Judith Daws LKA `94
CC Ken Rawlings East of Eng `95
CC & BOB Ferelith Somerfield Midland Co. `95
CC Ivy Colvin Mid Eastern Co.BF Club `95
CC & BOB Margaret Hoad N&MBFC `95
CC & BOB Joyce Mitchell Windsor `95

Champion Bobander Magic In The Air


It didn`t take long for us as breeders to recognise the importance of selective line breeding and how essential good conformation and true Bichon temperament was if we were to establish a successful line. We were fortunate to acquire a dog and bitch from Myra Atkins ( Kynismar) Kynismar Sweet Talking Guy from Bobander and Kynismar Annie Get Y'r Gun for Bobander and they featured significantly in our plans. Our next generation, produced" Michael", Top Puppy in the breed for 91. He went on to quickly gain his title, and was well known for his exceptional conformation, outgoing nature and for being true to breed type. His subsequent value as a sire for us has been considerable.. When mated to Calypso Crazy at Bobander ( a Guy daughter) who had won I CC& 6 RCC`s they produced three litters with a Champion in each, Cally became Top Brood Bitch two years running in `94 and `95.

1st CC Michael Coad (SKC 92)
2nd CC Betty Kelman-Jack (3 Counties 92)
3rd CC Geoff Corish (Birmingham City 92)
4th CC & BOB Jean Lanning (Richmond 92)
5th CC Margaret Hoad (Driffield 92)