About Us

"Bobander"( pronounced Bow-band-er) has been our affix since 1985 when I was able to choose it after breeding a dog from my first litter called The Muffin Man (Blue). In those days it was necessary to prove yourself as an active breeder before registering a kennel name with the Kennel club and winning at least a first in PostGraduate with a dog or bitch that you have bred. I live here in Gosport with my husband Bob who has always supported me totally with my rather demanding hobby.

Without his hard work and encouragement the Bobander name would never have become so well known for its top quality and such highly successful Bichons. We have bred and owned Fourteen.. UK Champions to date. We have a small family Kennel, choosing to keep only a few dogs and breeding very few litters. Our dogs live indoors and are very much loved family pets first...show dogs second. We previously joined the Accredited Breeders scheme although this scheme requires nothing more than we achieve already we have always been very careful breeders and have always maintained an extremely high standard of care.

Naturally not all dogs achieve the UK title but the vast majority of those we have kept have achieved at the very least a KC stud book number and we have been proud to only include those dogs in our breeding programme.

Our first Bichon Jarlien Petit Cherie ( Tallulah) was bought just to be a family pet when we knew virtually nothing about the breed, but after discovering the joys of the dog showing World we introduced her to Ch Sulyka Snoopy in an effort to start our own line. The Muffin Man was one of six offspring that were born and the rest as they say …is history.

Shamaney Manhattan (Jody) was bought from Margaret Flintoft and although she did not compete too well in the ring for us, it was when we mated her to Snoopy we hit the jackpot!. Ch Bobander Toot the Flute was our first Champion…we were on our way.

We have so much to be grateful for besides our good fortune. There were so many really good friends who were prepared to help us and share their wealth of knowledge with us.

We bought Kynismar Sweet Talkin Guy at B. & Kynismar Annie Get Yr Gun for B. from Myra Atkins in the late eighties. This gave us some valuable new bloodlines although we felt at the time, to carry on line breeding to Vera Goold`s early dogs with Jo Brown-Emmerson`s, CH Leijazulip Jazz at Zudiki & Margaret Flintoft`s Ch Leijazulip Kipling of Shamaney was the best way forward.

With better exchange amongst breeders from all over the World it is easier now to introduce new bloodlines from other countries. We have taken advantage of such an exchange recently by introducing a dog whose dam is a Bobander bred bitch produced by two Bobander Champions put to an American import Ch Risgae`s Wild Bill who was over here with Pauline Johns at Manoir for just six months.

Fiyero Hillbilly Rock at Bobander has had a great influence and we are looking forward to the future with his offspring with great excitement. He was top Bichon Frise sire in the Our Dogs Competition for 2009.

Rocky turned a corner for us producing our next two champions...Floyd and Blondie. The next generation has now produced our latest "Doris" Bobander love Me or Leave me who has just acheived her firs CC at just over 14 months.

We continue to follow the priciple of selective line breeding and remain enormously proud to have produced a steady number of Champions without breeding a large number of puppies.

We have  been awarded the highest accolade in the assured breeders scheme.

Chris Wyatt